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Payment Solution

Easy Payment Processing Solutions in Canada & US Simple & Straightforward Pricing

Clover Station Duo

Clover Station Duo

Run your business like a pro with our fastest, most secure point-of-sale system yet. We’re taking smart terminal to a new level, making it easy to offer rewards, capture information, ensure order accuracy, and accept just about every mobile payment type. Fast, personal, secure. Welcome to Station Pro.

Central command

One central hub for power and processing. One screen for you, one for your customers. And simple rates for your credit, debit, and gift card payments.

Faster processing, faster deposits

Run chip card transactions in less than three seconds. You can get your money the next day.

Insights at your fingertips

Harness the power of your own data—see the patterns and trends driving your sales and take a smarter approach to the market.

Clover mini

The Clover Mini Smart POS Solution

Clover Mini

Your Clover POS system makes running your business a breeze. Take orders and accept payments. Organize inventory and manage your team. Grow your customer base. All at the tips of your fingers

Clover Flex Terminal
The next generation of Clover Flex is here – Accept every payment type on the go.
$25 /m
  • Inventory management
  • Retarget your Clients
  • Robust Reports
  • Virtual Payments
  • Free and Ready to Go
  • Fraud Prevention
Clover Mini Terminal
Clover Mini is a multifunctional, compact yet robust POS device that saves counter space while looking great.
$55 /m
  • Simplify your Business
  • Access, Anyware. Anytimer
  • Multitask with Software
  • Grow with Hardware
  • User friendly interface
  • Fast processing speed
Clover Station Pro
Clover Station Duo allows you to build rewards programs and retain more customers without the clutter.
$135 /m
  • Clover Flex + Clover Mini + Coin Drawer
  • Central command
  • Faster processing, faster deposits
  • Insights at your fingertips
  • Cut the clutter